Friday, October 10, 2008

Opening iWeb (Back to the BGP)

Now that we have our first exhibition behind us let's get back to handling our business.
Today's agenda:

1. Warm up:
a. Bog warm-up.
b. take out your three website layout grids from two weeks ago (one page three grids)
c. Open your Student Server

2. Managing your Portfolio Site
a. Open iWeb
b. choose the black theme welcome page - click choose to choose.
c. In this iWeb folder you will find a document named "domain" - change the name (highlight and press return) to your name and block (morgan block Z)
d. Drag this file into your student server and place it into the appropriate folder

3. Design your welcome page

You will notice that iWeb is similar to Keynote in that its toolbar includes many of the same elements: inspector, colors, fonts, text box, shapes, etc.  However, there are a number of new butons: adjust, media, forward, backward. What do you think these do?

Use your web layout grid that you liked best to guide you through the web design process.

Remember, this program is very similar to Keynote. If you want to edit or change something, click and type. Also, please experiment with theing you don't understand.

You should have your welcome page done by the end of the class! I will check these off as I go around the room.
Remember, Tae Kwon Do is a Martial art.

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