Thursday, March 19, 2009

Q3 final assignment - Audio Revolution - The Art of Storytelling

Q3 Final Assignment - Audio Revolution

Leadership Skills:
Effective & Persuasive Communication
Creative Expression
Project Management


Create an audio story about an individual in the midst of social change.
Must be based on true events.

May have narrator.
Must have a protagonist (central/p.o.v. character).
May be from either side of the social change.
Must have narrative form. (Freytag’s Pyramid: exposition, conflict (rising action), climax, falling action, resolution)

May be small group (2-4).
Each individual must turn in a draft they have edited.
Must be scripted to record.
Final Draft must be recorded in studio or other low static environment.
M.A.D.X. must be used to support environment, mood, dialogue and action.
No song with lyrics unless cleared.


  1. 3.17 (40 min) - Find reference story/event + begin outline based on Freytag’s Pyramid)
  2. 3.19-3.20 (100 min) - Outline of story (plot points) + Rough draft 1 (2-3 pages)
  3. 3.23-3.24 (100 min) - Script (dialogue + M.A.D.X. breakdown) draft 1 + Recorded draft 1
  4. 3.26 - 3.27 (100 min) - Final Cut (must have approved script to record)
  5. Artist's Statement

Freytag's Plot PyramidArtist's Statement

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