Monday, April 13, 2009

Shoot by Numbers

Today we are going to make our first (of the year) video! Below is a description of the assignment. good luck!

Type: Silent Film, learning the basic shots.

Make 6 groups of 4 [director (10th), camera (10th), actor1(9th), actor2(9th)]
Job of director: interpret the script and storyboard to the cameraperson and actors
Job of camera: set up and film the shots as instructed by the director
Job of actors: listen to the instruction of the director and follow the directions of the script and the director

  1. Your teacher will give your group a script and storyboard to shoot.
  2. Each group is to shoot the script and storyboard.  
  3. The raw video should be uploaded to the hard drive and saved to student server of cameraperson and director.
  4. Raw video edited in pairs in iMovie. 
  5. Two versions should be made, one by the director and actor 1, the second by the cameraperson and actor 2.
  6. Export the movie as a low bandwidth quicktime movie naming the file “NAME1 NAME2_NUMBERS”.
  7. Drop the quicktime video in my dropbox for credit.

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