Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BGP Checklist

4-6 artifacts - submitted when COMPLETE
Each artifact deals with ONE leadership skill
All links and attachments should be checked BEFORE submitting portfolio
All reflections should follow the “no-indent, one return space” format
Descriptions of artifacts should be brief and to the point (one sentence - e.g. This is my Timeline which I constructed for social studies class to demonstrate my Effective Project Management skills.
Uploaded objects (images, documents, etc.) should be NO MORE THAN 2MB. To be safe, reduce image sizes to under 1MB (use Photoshop).
If your uploaded objects are not downloadable, you must change your profile to NOT submitted, delete all uploaded objects, and only then you may reattach them.
email addresses should be BUSINESS LIKE.”; yes “”. Please visit yahoo, gmail, hotmail, or wherever to change.
Profile photo should be professional and clear. Head and shoulders only. Watch out for backlight!



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